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& Testimonials

"Richard is highly professional with a wealth of experience and knowledge in guiding young people and their parents through the trials of university choice and applications. He is also very friendly, approachable, efficient and generally always happy to help. I have the pleasure of having known Richard in the role as my daughter's teacher and expert career adviser to both my children. He takes the panic and stress out of the situation and gives sensible, much needed advice. Thank you Richard! I would highly recommend his services to anyone currently exploring the whole university application process, his advice is second to none!"

Janet Stacey

Parent Client

"Applying for universities can be very daunting, particularly for students who are unsure what to study. I was lucky enough to have Richard as both a teacher and career adviser. He understands the pressures that students face and provides great suggestions of courses and pathways that cater to students interests and skills. He is a wealth of knowledge and genuinely cares about the future of those he works with. I couldn't recommend Richard enough!"

Jessie Wilson


"I had a great experience throughout the whole process. Richard was very kind and made sure he had a clear picture of my background and academic profile before providing me with the tailored report and recommendations. Since the first meeting I felt confident in his experience and knowledge. I was delighted to see the quality (and quantity) of the information he provided in the report, including sections on how UCAS works, the universities’ requirements and reputations, and what he recommends based on my profile. The structure of it allowed me to understand everything clearly, and it was clear that all the information was well-researched and thorough. Overall, I am highly satisfied with the service and found the outcome of it very helpful, tailored to my profile and insightful."

Javier Ortiz - based in Italy 

Physics / Astrophysics


"Richard is a highly experienced educator who understands the challenges and choices facing 6th Form students. The higher education market can be confusing but Richard is always able to help students make sense of the countless options available to them and offers excellent advice and guidance to those navigating their way into higher education and beyond. He is extremely knowledgeable and the advice he gives is not only tailored to the student's academic profile but also takes into account their personalities in order to help them find a university or course that is just right for them. Calm and reassuring, you feel like your future is in safe hands with him and I would not hesitate to recommend Judd University Guidance."

Laura Brayley

Boarding Housemistress

& History Teacher

Taunton School


"Having previously worked with Richard in a sixth form setting, I can highly recommend both his expertise and his manner. He’s a great asset for approaching the university phase!"

Lizzie Garside,

Former teaching colleague, Taunton School

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