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Package Costs

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Judd University Guidance UK is truly independent and personal. I build my consultation around what you want to know. 

Clients living in the South West region of the UK 
receive an automatic discount. 

I offer a range of specific packages. These have the advantage that you know the exact cost of using my services. Packages can be followed up using my hourly rate or you may simply add packages together and gain a discount. 

It can be cost effective to gather two or more families together to hear a presentation. For discount information see here.

if you are not sure what support you need then I would advise you to book the 'Introduction to the UK University Application System,' which is a two hour presentation and allows you to ask lots of questions throughout the evening.

Introduction to the UK University Application System, UCAS


A client meeting to explain the UK UCAS system: the formal timeline, the online application form, university course choice and post exam result options.



Personal Statement



An initial client meeting explaining how to structure a personal statement using examples from successful statements followed by advice on four draft statements produced by the client.


Advice on

Course and University Selection


An initial client meeting to identify the client's academic profile and future aspirations followed by research to compile a recommend universities list.

There is a follow up client meeting to discuss the list.


All Inclusive UK UCAS University Application 

An explanation of the UK UCAS system with advice on university and course selection. Personal Statement review and advice over firm and insurance choices. Results Day guidance. Introduction to student finance and preparing for university 


Introduction to Choosing a Course and University

A client meeting explaining how to compare  and evaluate both universities and courses.
Advice on what to look for  when on an open day. 


Introduction to

Taking a Gap Year and implications for UCAS

A client meeting explaining different approaches to taking a Gap Year and the strategies to consider about when to apply through UCAS.


Firm and Insurance Choices, Results Day, Explained

A client meeting after they have received all their offers exploring strategies for making firm and insurance choices. Clearing processes will be explained.


Surviving the First Term

at University

A client meeting exploring areas of university life such as: student accommodation, finance and budgeting, making friends, joining societies, studying and even cooking.


Introduction to International Universities

A client meeting comparing both the structure and application process of American, Canadian, Dutch and Australian university systems. 

This presentation can be adapted to a clients needs. 



Introduction to

Student Finance

A client meeting to explain the UK funding system: fee status, maintenance loans, interest rates, the repayment process and other sources of income.


Results Day

A client meeting explaining the different potential scenarios and how to prepare in advance for them. Advice on your particular circumstances
and future plans. 


Advice for Those

Struggling at University 

A client meeting exploring the causes of difficulty or unhappiness with advice and options for the way ahead. Transitions can be hard and experiences do not always match expectations.


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