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I seek to complement the good work that many schools and colleges already give to their students and parents. 

I am able to give independent and personal advice answering the questions you have because I am not paid by universities or schools. I can therefore be both open and honest in our conversations.

I offer two complementary services:


  • Buy my time - You may decide you wish to pay for my services by the hour in order to receive a totally bespoke and flexible service. In this case we will talk through your needs and come to an estimate of the time you will be paying for.

For 2023/2024 my hourly rate is £160

For 2024/2025 my hourly rate is £165 

I offer discounted rates for clients
living in the South West region of the UK

see here for discount information

  • Buy a package - You can choose to receive support on a specific area of the university application process. The advantage of this approach is that all my time is focused on your specific needs rather than you being charged for information you already know. There is a fixed price for each topic selected so you will know in advance what you will be charged. Examples are shown below but for the full range of packages see here​​

There are also discounts when working with a group of families.

Introduction to the UK University Application System, UCAS


A client meeting to explain the UK UCAS system: the formal timeline, the online application form, university course choice and post exam result options.


Personal Statement



A client meeting explaining how to structure a personal statement using examples from successful statements followed by advice on two draft statements produced by the client.

Advice on

Course and University Selection


A client meeting to build a profile of the client's academic profile and future aspirations followed by research to compile a report recommending 

universities and a follow up client meeting to discuss the report.

Introduction to
Student Finance

A client meeting to explain the UK funding system: fee status, maintenance loans, interest rates, the repayment process and other sources of income.


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