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Helping students and parents 

make informed choices about 

life beyond school.

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Judd University Guidance UK was launched by an experienced careers and university counsellor based in the South West of England to offer independent, bespoke, personal, advice and support as young adults and parents prepare for life beyond school. 


By being truly independent I  am able to offer a bespoke and personal service designed to answer your specific questions and needs. Choosing from a menu of services, as much or as little as you require, you are always in control of the process. Complementing school or college advice I seek to give you the confidence to make an informed choice about your future.

Richard Judd - a short biography

I have supported students as they move beyond school for almost twenty years as a tutor, teacher and, between 2014 and 2019, as a Head of Careers and University Guidance. 


Experienced in supporting students applying to international universities, apprenticeships and planning gap years, my specialism remains UK University Applications through UCAS. 


Working for fifteen years in UK boarding schools means I have supported, UK based, expat and international parents and students navigate university admissions.


I have also worked in UK comprehensive and grammar schools and so have wide experience of advising students taking both traditional academic pathways and those taking more vocational or creative industry pathways. Different students fit different learning environments and so it is important to choose your university route with care.

British Council Certified Counsellor 

Member of the International Association for College Admission Counseling:


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