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South West discount on consultation fees 

If you live in the South West region of the UK you automatically receive a 60% discount.  


The South West region of the UK encompasses: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucester, Somerset and Bristol.

Clients in the South West region also receive discounts on my consulting packages. Contact me to find out more.

Group Discounts

A cost effective option is for me to deliver a zoom presentation to a number of families to share the costs of a zoom presentation. 

  1. 2-4 families represented - each family pays 75% of the normal package price.

  2. 5-6 families represented- each family pays 50% of the normal package price.

Discounts apply on the following packages:

  • Introduction to the UK University Application System, UCAS

  • Introduction to student finance 

  • Introduction to choosing a course and university

  • Introduction to personal statement writing

  • Surviving your first term at university

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