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Guidance for International Applications

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During my teaching career I annually supported international university applications to more than ten countries.  However I would not claim to be an expert counsellor for every country.


I have lots of experience supporting application to Canadian universities and those in Europe and the Netherlands in particular.


Whilst I have regularly supported students applying to America and a member of IACAC I am not a US specialist. I can offer a detailed introduction to applying to US universities and general advice on completing applications. If you have the funds and plan to apply to highly selective universities then I would suggest using a specialist such as  David Hawkins

Sporting Scholarships to the US are highly complex and I would always recommend using specialist support such as: or

If you are particularly interested in understanding different international university systems I can take you through an introductory session comparing and contrasting them with the UK set up. For example I can walk a family through the US university system in detail and talk about sports and academic scholarships.

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