Guidance for International Applications

During my teaching career I annually supported international university applications to more than ten countries.  However I would not claim to be an expert counsellor for every country.


I have lots of experience supporting application to Canadian universities and those in Europe and the Netherlands in particular.


Whilst I have regularly supported students applying to America and a member of IACAC I am not a US specialist. I can offer a detailed introduction to applying to US universities and general advice on completing applications. If you have the funds and plan to apply to highly selective universities then I would suggest using a specialist such as  David Hawkins

Sporting Scholarships to the US are highly complex and I would always recommend using specialist support such as: or

If you are particularly interested in understanding different international university systems I can take you through an introductory session comparing and contrasting them with the UK set up. For example I can walk a family through the US university system in detail and talk about sports and academic scholarships.

Based in the South West of England but able to support across the UK and beyond. 

Richard Judd trading as Judd University Guidance UK

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