Information for parents

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Whilst some parents may have recent experience of dealing with the UK university through supporting other sons, daughters or relatives through the system most parents will either have out of date information perhaps remembering their own university experience, or lack any knowledge through not going to a UK university themselves.


Therefore many parents appreciate the Introduction to the UK University Application System, UCAS presentation where I spend two hours explaining in detail both the UK university system and the application process. Many find the UCAS timeline of particular interest. I can include, on request, an outline of the current student finance system running in England.


Whilst this presentation can be delivered remotely through Zoom to a family, the most cost effective method is for friends to arrange a group zoom event; by speaking to two or more families at the same time, the cost per family can be reduced significantly. 


For some, this session may be all they need to gain the confidence to support their sons and daughters through the UCAS process, especially if their school or college offers good support.


Please note, clients living in the South West region receive an automatic discount.